Alternate Trainers

SportsArt S775 Pinnacle Trainer

Never has a cross trainer offered such incredible diversity. Users want variety. Personal Trainers require unique tools to achieve greater client results. Athletes seek power development. Everyone is looking for enhanced balance and lateral stability. 

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Lineal and Lateral Training at the same time! 

About Pinnacle

The S775 Pinnacle Trainer uniquely combines cardio, core and stability training. Other cardio fitness products employ the large muscle groups associated with forward motion. The S775 Pinnacle Trainer combines this forward motion with sideways movement to employ small muscle groups that enhance core stability and balance. Not only can exercisers improve their cardiovascular health and tone large muscle groups, but they can
also strengthen their core – a unique combination in the realm of cardio fitness products.

Users can simulate all forms of climb plus have the option to perform short stride intervals in wider positions – ideal for sports conditioning
Stride length is user defined to promote a variety of goals and training modalities
Two footplate adjustments provides greater comfort when exercising for longer periods or more aggressive positioning for training at higher intensities.

Factual Findings

Results of two university studies confirmed that the Pinnacle Trainer:
• Provides similar heart rate and caloric expenditures to those a user would experience when running on a treadmill at between 6.0 and 7.0 mph
• Burns calories 30% faster than an elliptical machine at a similar cadence
• Range of motion is safe for joints
• Engages small stabilizer muscles that are essential for balance
• Effectively targets the core and lateral muscle groups

Overall Weight - 370 lbs

Dimensions - 69” x 43” x 76”

Resistance Level - 40 levels of resistance 

Stride Length - Up to 27"

Maximum User Weight - 500 lbs.

SportsArt XT20  X Trainer

The XT20 is a total body workout machine that combines independent lower and upper body resistance, which has been proven to provide better training results than any other cardio product.

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SportsArt UB52 Upper Body Trainer

The SportsArt UB52 provides an excellent upper bodyworkout and is very accomodating with 200 resistance levels. Designed for rehabilition and pure upper body cordio conditioning the UB52 has many features required for today's club and rehab marketplace.

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SportsArt G886 VERSO

Verso offers a truly customizable, approachable, and engaging cross-training experience. Elliptical, stepper, and bike movements combined in one machine with intuitive controls. Users are able to electronically adapt movement paths, allowing them to choose among a wide variety of range of motions that fit them best. The Watts to Grid goal allows them to set their workout intensity based on how much they want to give back to the planet.

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