HOIST Club Line

The new CLUB LINE from HOIST Fitness offers a smaller, quieter option to club owners looking for more space in their facility with the premium equipment that only HOIST can offer. With no guide rods or selector pins, the Club Line’s Slide Select System has fewer friction points and a smooth, quiet function. In addition, the Slide Select System has a solitary weight system allowing for adjustment in five pound increments on the two hundred and three hundred pound systems.

The new CLUB LINE from HOIST Fitness offers a smaller, quieter option to owners looking for more space in their facility with the premium equipment that only HOIST Fitness can offer. Compared to six major competitors, the CLUB LINE takes up 8-25% less floor space per machine, leaving more room for facilities to utilize. Competitors also have machine profiles that are 8-27% taller, significantly obstructing and cluttering views. Each unit has a convenient accessory tray for keys, a phone, and water bottle as well as easy weight selection from a seated position.

HOIST CL-3501 Shoulder Press 
HOIST CL-3403 Leg Press 
HOIST CL-3402 Leg Curl 
HOIST CL-3401 Leg Extension  

HOIST CL-3300 Chest Press 
HOIST CL-3201 Lat Pull-Down 
HOIST CL-3103 Triceps Press 
HOIST CL-3102 Preacher Curl 

HOIST Roc-IT Strength Series 

ROC-IT products capture attention and make strength training more enjoyable, but the foundation of the ROC-IT design isn’t based on appearance—it’s rooted in extensive biomechanical research. ROC-IT technology addresses the human body as a complete system, not as isolated groups of muscles. The movement designed in each ROC-IT product more closely mimics the way a body operates in everyday life, enhancing results and reducing risk of injury. Traditional machine-based exercise is muscle-centric and provides a stable platform, which helps beginners and casual users. But it comes at the cost of isolating individual muscles in a stable environment. Effective strength training challenges the entire Human Movement System, which has nervous, muscle and skeletal components working in harmony to achieve optimal results. This is where traditional machines fail.

Fixed machine design restricts natural movement, especially at the end of the range of motion. It forces unnatural positions that put unnecessary stress on the body, increasing the risk for injury. It’s not uncommon to see a user come out of the seat on a fixed machine at the end of the exercise motion. Why? Because the machine forces the user into an unnatural position—out of proper alignment. The machine is fixed, and because the user is not, he/she is required to adjust to the machine to complete the exercise. With the compromised biomechanical positioning in the end of the exercise motion in fixed machines, the body’s ability to safely and effectively control movement is diminished. ROC-IT products continuously adjust a user’s position, maintaining optimal positioning throughout the entire exercise range of motion. Essentially, the machine transforms to accommodate the movement of the human body. Effective strength training requires an efficient way to condition and challenge a body’s functional capabilities. It utilizes systems that promote optimal biomechanics throughout the full range of motion. It trains the body in a way that challenges and incorporates the body’s stability centers. Each ROC-IT machine is designed to continuously shift the user’s center of gravity to impose appropriate challenges to the Lumbo- Pelvic-Hip Complex (LPHC). This advanced exercise movement enhances core involvement and the number of LPHC muscles needed to stabilize the hips and trunk. ROC-IT products yield more stability, more strength applied to the exercise path, and more calories burned—for a more complete exercise.


Fitness facilities exist because of their members, and it’s imperative that owners install the safest and most effective equipment available. HOIST’s ROC-IT line is an industry leader when it comes to selecting equipment that minimizes risk during strength training exercise. When you add ROC-IT products to your facility, you’re not just installing machines designed and engineered with unique patented ROC-IT technology, you’re installing machines people can’t wait to use!


RS-1101 Seated Dip
RS-1102 Biceps CurlRS-1103 Triceps Extension  RS-1700 Chin-Dip Assist


RS-1501 Shoulder PressRS-1502 Lateral RaiseRS-1700 Chin-Dip Assist


RS-1201 Lat Pull down
RS-1203 Seated Mid Row 
RS-1204 Low BackRS-1700 Chin-Dip Assist


RS-1601 Abdominals RS-1602 Rotary Torso

Lower Body

RS-1401 Leg Extension RS-1402 Leg Curl 
RS-1403 Leg Press

RS-1406 Inner Thigh 
RS-1407 Outer ThighRS-1408 Prone Leg Curl

RS-1412 Glute MasterRS-1415 Rotary Calf

SportsArt Strength Status Series

The Status Series selectorized premium strength line combines a sleek, modern design with world-class components and our dependable, industrial-quality manufacturing to bring you the whole package in every machine. Each machine is built to last in the most demanding commercial environments, with heavy gauge steel oval tubing, Kevlar-reinforced belts, internally lubricated cables with deep-channel pulleys and seated bearings. 

Gas-assisted seat adjustments and contoured cushions ensure comfort and ease of use. Independent movement and biomechanically correct design accommodate users of any fitness or experience level, delivering measurable, targeted results in the shortest amount of time.

Upper Body



Lower Body

SportsArt Strength Performance Series

The Performance Series by SportsArt combines quality and value in a simple, easy-to-use strength line designed to fit any budget. Each unit is built using the highest quality materials and backed by over 30 years of excellence in fitness equipment manufacturing. The lowered stack height and compact footprint help to avoid visual clutter in smaller spaces, while adjustable seats and range-of-motion limiters ensure movements are comfortable and bio-mechanically correct. 

The result is a durable, value-engineered line that delivers maximum results in a compact design. The Performance Series consists of 20 individual stations designed to train all the major muscle groups while offering the variety necessary to help users reach their goals. The machines are easy to use and provide a challenging workout that accommodates users of all levels, from beginners to advanced trainers.

Upper Body


Lower Body

Functional Training