SportsArt is the pioneer in green fitness systems that harness the power from bikes and ellipticals and puts it back into the buildings power grid. 

Our latest line of environmentally responsible bikes and ellipticals, ECO-POWR™, has taken technology to the next level.  Specially designed micro-inverters are housed inside the shrouds of each piece of equipment so there are no extra cords or boxes to manage.  
Simply plug the bikes and ellipticals into the wall, and the human energy created converts to utility-grade electricity that goes back into the facility’s power grid.

Club owners who replace all of their ellipticals, recumbent and upright cycles or Spin cycles with the ECO‐POWR™ products will see significant savings that offset their power bill. 

Use the calculator to find out how much:

SportsArt works with key associations to meet safety and sustainability goals:
ECO‐POWR™ is the only fitness system harnessing human power and is listed by a Nationally Recognized Safety Certification Laboratory for use safe in the US and Canada (ETL).
ECO‐POWR™ can count towards LEED Certification requirements
SportsArt is the only fitness equipment manufacturer that is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

ECO‐POWR™ Features & Benefits

• Integrated micro‐inverters
• Products directly plug into power outlet
• New user interface design displays real‐time watts to the grid

New Green Service Gateway is the device connection controller to manage connections between fitness devices and mobile phones. It also transmit workout / asset status to SportsArt Well+ service in the cloud to provide real data on usage and energy generation.

SportsArt works with key associations to meet safety and sustainability goals:

ECO‐POWR™ Products

SportsArt's Green Mission Statement

SportsArt Fitness is committed to leading the fitness industry in eco-friendly action through research, design and education on sustainable business solutions and practices. We are dedicated to forward-thinking innovation that allows us to create products which are not only socially and environmentally responsible, but also solve problems for facility owners. 

What we are doing... SportsArt Fitness has a long history of eco-friendly product innovation. As one of the first manufacturers of self-powered elliptical trainers and cycles, it was only natural to turn our attention to treadmill power consumption. In 2007, SportsArt brought to market the first ECO-POWR™ treadmill motor. This motor system is engineered to use 32% less power than standard treadmill motors and can save club owners thousands of dollars on electricity bills. SportsArt also carries a variety of self-generating ellipticals and cycles that require absolutely no outside power to operate. SportsArt Fitness' latest eco-friendly innovation is the revolutionary Green System. The Green System is a group of fitness products with internal Micro inverters that harnesses human-generated power from exercisers and feeds it back into the power grid as useable energy. 

Club owners who replace all of their ellipticals and cycles with Green System products will see significant power offset savings. Besides helping the environment through the product design initiatives, SportsArt Fitness has gone lean and green in its daily operations by recycling paper, reusing boxes for parts packaging and replacing standard bulbs with energy-saving fluorescent lights. SportsArt also currently uses 60-70% post-consumer paper in cardboard equipment packaging. Under buildings at the Tainan, Taiwan factory, tubes store up to 7,500 metric tons of rainwater which is used for watering the grounds. About 100 metric tons of waste water from the production line also helps keep grass and flowers green. Waste water from the painting process ends up washing dirt off the street and keeping roadsides green—after treatment at the factory and a local water processing plant. At the Zhuhai, China factory, waste water ends up flushing toilets.

In 2003, the Tainan, Taiwan factory was awarded the second place in a national contest for environmental beautification and building/landscape design. Judges noted the use of open space, complementary building materials and the koi pond as exemplifying the design of a stress-reducing environment. Most recently, in January 2011 SportsArt's Taiwan factory became ISO-14001 certified. ISO-14001 certification proves that SportsArt is committed to identifying and controlling the environmental impact of business activities, products and services, and to continually improve environmental performance by implementing a systematic approach to setting environmental objectives and targets. 

Eco-friendly aspects of the factory include: 

• An air conditioning system that doesn’t turn on until the temperature exceeds 28 degrees Celsius. 

• Tinted windows that let sunlight in but keep heat out, reducing the need for electric lights. 

• An innovative, sandwich-like exterior that naturally cools the building. 

Please visit  Green SportsArt America for more information on SportsArt's green initiatives and product offerings.