CoreFX Training Equipment

CoreFX training equipment provides a wide variety of strength, resistance, cardio and recovery equipment for a variety of training plans. Below are featured videos providing essential workouts and training guides for a wide variety of products.

Here is a training cone drill, great for sports conditioning, that Basketball and Football athletes like to do to help increase speed and improve agility. You can drastically improve your athleticism by doing cone drills which increases your body's ability to adapt to fast paced sporting environments.

Here is an agility ladder workout that benefits all types of athletes in different sports such as basketball, baseball, football and soccer. This type of training will help boost quickness, foot speed, coordination, and body awareness.

Have you ever tried resistance band squats? Do you love resistance band exercises? This strength band workout routine will help you improve your strength, speed and balance and while reducing joint pains. They are also very light and compact so you can take them anywhere you go! Perfect for exercises at home.

Adding speed, agility, and quickness drills to your Soccer routine can lift your game to a whole different level. You will benefit from quicker feet and faster reaction times - improving your athleticism.

Check out these Sandbag workout ideas you can do at home or at the gym. Great for fat burning, strength training and power!

Banded resistance allows you to target and load a specific part of the range of motion that is not usually resisted to a great degree at a particular range of motion when gravity (e.g., free weights, barbells, kettle bells etc.) is a key contributor to the load.

These four exercise progressions can help you develop core control, whether the goal is to stabilize, resist spinal rotation or contribute to global rotary movement (e.g., baseball swing, throwing motion or punch). It is important that you default to and maintain a stable, neutral core as you participate in these movements that demand rotation and power production when transitioning from point A to B.

Try these plyobox workouts next time you're at home or at the gym.
Core stability is critical for all types of sports, such as hockey, baseball, and golf. These exercises will help prevent injuries and improve overall sport performance!
Looking for 15 Effective Strength Band Exercises?   These COREFX Strength Band exercises can be done at home or in the gym to assist with body-weight training or stretching!  Each COREFX Strength Band is 41” long and 3/16” thick, while the width of each strength band will vary by resistance. Features only premium-grade natural rubber latex has been used to create these Strength Bands through a revolutionary continuous-layering process to maximize the durability.

We've put together a few of our favourite slam ball exercises and workouts to help motivate you for your next workout. let us know what you think about some of these unique slam ball moves.
We've put together a few of our favorite landmine exercises and workouts to help motivate you. All of these workouts feature our unique landmine handle attachment!
These Push Sled exercises will help you increase speed, strength and power!

Here are a few great Wall Ball exercises that will have you shredded in no time! Let us know what you think about some of these unique Wall Ball moves.

Check out a few of our favourite drills. The COREFX 2-in-1 Quick Hurdles are adjustable from 8in to 12in. Great for improving explosive speed, boost coordination and enhance cardio performance.
Medicine Balls are one of the most versatile and durable pieces of gym equipment out there! Give these 5 exercises a try, that will have you shredded in no time!
Take your resistance band workouts further with these great exercises using the COREFX Power Tube.

Various speed ladder drills to up your agility training game. Improve your footwork, speed and agility. Try pairing up the COREFX Speed Ladder with the COREFX Pro loop for a resisted agility circuit!

Here are a few of our favourite kettlebell exercises you need to try today! Try taking our kettlebell training to the next level and add a little resistance. We've paired the COREFX Kettlebells up with the COREFX Strength Bands for added resistance.

Build strength and endurance with the COREFX Battle Ropes

Resistance Band Exercises | Total Body Workout

Various exercises performed with the COREFX Drag Sled. Ultimate strength and conditioning tool

We've put together are few of our favourite plyometric box jump exercises with the COREFX Foam Plyo Box.